The Google Adwords Landscape

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The infographic below is a snapshot of an interesting experiment by SEOmoz.

Google has implemented a number of changes recently, one of which is the new shopping block on the top right side that is reserved for paid ads.

I’ve been writing a case study about the Google grant for nonprofits. Looking at this infographic from the standpoint of a grantee, it looks as if the shopping block with positions 1-3 on the top right side is not available for grantees. The top placement for ads under the grant appears to be the side ad block starting with position 4.  In other words, the new $2 cap on keyword bids was a way for Google to offset new placement restrictions and parameters for grantees. Stay tuned for more observations in my upcoming case study.

Google AdWords Landscape Infographic
Produced by SEOmoz. ©2013.

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