Giuliana is a communications, marketing and social media strategist, who is also passionate about organic skin care. As former co-editor for the New York Women in Communications blog Aloud and former writer and editor for The Melody Book blog, she has written about communications, social media and arts and culture. She is also well versed in digital marketing and was instrumental in securing a Google Adwords grant for nonprofits on behalf of the New York chapter of Women in Communication (NYWICI Foundation).

Giuliana is a strategic thinker who enjoys writing and who understands design and branding on a fundamental level, with a healthy appreciation for analytics. Her background includes presentation design, print production & design, web design and motion graphics. Giuliana has also written several articles for the NYWICI website.

Giuliana holds a Master of Arts in Graphic Communication Management from New York University and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, with honors, from Michigan State University.

Giuliana enjoys travel, digital photography, learning new skills and keeping up on current trends in design, branding, social media, digital marketing, and technology.

Giuliana is also a Founding Leader and Consultant for NYR Organic, a pioneering thirty year-old British certified organic skin care company. She enjoys talking to her regular customers and connecting with people who love skincare and are interested in an organic lifestyle and aromatherapy. Giuliana was asked to present on social media strategy at NYR Organic’s national sales conference in Minneapolis in July 2011.

An avid reader, Giuliana is a member of a long standing book club in New York City. Her favorite author is Edith Wharton.

As a child, Giuliana lived in France for nine years and three years in Italy. She practices her French and Italian anytime she can, and enjoys watching foreign and art films. If the films are in French or Italian, she tries very hard not to read the subtitles, and listens to the language instead.

A former triathlete and runner, Giuliana has now transitioned to cycling, swimming, yoga and pilates for fun. Giuliana’s favorite stressbuster is to spend time playing with and walking her adorable Maltese.