Case study: Social media strategy projects

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When I start working on a social media strategy project, my first step is usually to provide a proposal or estimate to the client. When the client signs off, the next step is asking them about their existing business, communication and marketing goals. The best case scenario is when a client is forthcoming about all their goals, including who their competitors are. This way, the strategy I recommend is in line with their existing goals.

Sometimes the client does not have clearly defined goals so I’ll schedule a working session to help them determine their overarching goals. In such cases, the project’s scope includes communication strategy. If goal information is incomplete, the recommendation is crafted in a vacuum and is not as useful as it could be.

Now the fun part: I love doing research on industry trends and delving into the client’s and their competitors’ digital and social media presence. It’s very satisfying to craft snapshots to discern how each company differs in their approach and identify opportunities for the client.

The analysis I provide is usually broken down into several sections:

  1. Introduction and Background, including a review and summary of web analytics
  2. Industry/Marketplace overview
  3. Competitive analysis
  4. Online and social media presence (client and competitors)
  5. Recommendations, including strategy and tactics

The background section includes web analytics information such as visits and bounce rates, engagement, top traffic sources and keywords and geographical insights.

Depending on the client’s business, the marketplace or industry overview can include metrics such as online purchases, mobile purchases, average online ad metrics, consumer online behavior, ad spending growth and social media usage.

The competitive analysis looks at online and social media presence as well as keywords used on web pages.

The recommendation section includes an overall strategy that will help grow business and supports existing business communication goals and tactics.

When I schedule a review of the analysis with the client, it’s usually a working session. I really enjoy hearing clients share what they learned about the report’s findings, and it’s even more exciting when they implement changes to their business based on it!

It’s a good idea to revisit strategy and tactics on a quarterly basis to stay on top of quickly shifting trends and competitor activity. It’s also useful to compare current findings to previous period activity. The overall strategy may not change much over time, but tactics can be another story!

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