Adventures in Entrepreneurship and Direct Sales

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Four years ago, I embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure in direct sales. I started from scratch, without professional sales training or a contact list. I trained on the job, and started to build my list and my team, one person and one conversation at a time. I listened to webinars, attended live conferences and started to learn about the most important aspect of sales: listening to what people need, and finding a way to help meet that need.

As a long-time customer, my enthusiasm for my company’s aromatherapy and skincare products has caused some well-meaning yet comical mistakes. The first Saturday I set up a table in my neighborhood’s farmer’s market, I came dangerously close to impersonating a carnival barker, accosting people with hand cream and feeling the sting when my offer was refused.

In retrospect, unbridled passion is funny when heaped upon the uninterested, but I’ve learned to allow space to let people approach me and ask questions if they choose. We are a certified organic company, so there is an educational aspect to my work as a consultant. Some of the best conversations have happened when I’m able to listen to questions and give informed responses. I have also been pleasantly surprised with what I have learned from my customers (and my team members) about the complex, multilayered organic movement.

The business is growing slowly and steadily, I promoted to Team Leader last month and I’m starting to spend more working hours on my business. While at first I reinvested most of my earnings into the business, now I’m more cautious with expenses. After strategy sessions with my upline, I have a marketing budget.

While continuing my freelancing, consulting and project work, I’m happy about the growth in my business and feel appreciated by my team and customers. Helping people make good decisions about organic products that are beneficial to their skin and health is a source of personal satisfaction.

 Note: This post was modified on 01.08.14 and 01.09.14.

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